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Yes, WE CAN!

Lafortune Custodial Services (LCS) is a leading innovator in custodial and facility maintenance services. With a reputation for excellence, our company delivers unrivaled cleaning and hygiene solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

We are committed to fostering a clean, safe, and healthy environment in your workspace. Leveraging the latest in technology, environmental safety protocols, and our highly trained team, LCS ensures meticulous attention to detail in every job we undertake.

Because at Lafortune Custodial Services, your satisfaction and peace of mind is our fortune.

Promise of Excellence

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Premier Professional Cleaning: Residential and Commercial Excellence

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Tailored Cleaning Solutions: Your Home, Your Business, Your Way

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The LCS Promise: Quality, Reliability, Satisfaction

What We Do Right

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Eco-Friendly Cleaners

LCS champions a sustainable future with its use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, safeguarding your space and the world around us.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Non-Toxic Ingredients: Prioritizing your safety, LCS employs non-toxic cleaning agents to ensure a clean, healthy, and hazard-free environment

Affordable Services

Affordable Services: LCS provides high-quality cleaning solutions at competitive rates, proving that excellent service doesn't have to break the bank

Common Questions

How long does a cleaning take?

The duration of a cleaning service from LCS depends on the size and condition of the space. On average, a basic clean for a one-bedroom apartment takes about 2-3 hours, while larger commercial spaces may take several hours or require multiple sessions. We strive to work efficiently while ensuring thoroughness and quality in our cleaning services.

Do you do home services?

Absolutely! LCS provides both residential and commercial cleaning services. Our team is trained to handle a wide range of environments, from cozy homes to sprawling office spaces, always ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Do I need to book a cleaning slot in advance?

While we can occasionally accommodate last-minute requests, we highly recommend booking your cleaning service in advance to guarantee availability. This also allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs and ensure maximum satisfaction. You can easily book a slot through our website or by calling our customer service hotline.

What Our Clients Say

"With LCS's high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning, I finally found a service that's as concerned about the environment as I am - a spotless home and peace of mind, all in one"

Rosa M.

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"From booking to execution, LCS's professional cleaning services exceeded my expectations - my office has never looked so good, or felt so fresh!"

Miguel R.

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Wanda S.

"LCS's affordability combined with their use of non-toxic ingredients for a deep clean is a true game-changer; a top-notch service that doesn't compromise on health or cost!"

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